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De Snelwas B.V.

1e Hugo de Grootstraat 16
1052 KP Amsterdam

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Monday - Friday
08:30 - 18.00
10:00 - 17:00

020 - 682 03 07
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Snelwas Delivery

Welkom bij De Snelwas


De Snelwas cleans al your laundry and clothes. You can either have us dry-clean or wash your laundry, have it ironed or mangled. We at De Snelwas stand for flexibility, accuracy and reliabilty. The most important is of course that your laundry is returned to you in the cleanest possible way. Within the region of Amsterdam we collect and return your laundry for a small fee. We guarantee personal attention for your laundry and deliver high-quality service for a fair price.

Welkom bij De Snelwas

Laundry - Curtains

Washing curtains in your own washing machine is not to be recommended. Due to the great friction the curtains could get ugly or suffer severe damage. Therefore, let De Snelwas wash your curtains!

Welkom bij De Snelwas

Laundry - Quilts

A down/fluff quilt or a combination of down and feathers needs little maintenance. It is important to regularly ventilate and daily shake up the quilt. When it is possible to clean the quilt, it is recommended to take it to the professional launderette / dry-cleaner, unless you have a very large washing-machine. It is important that all the washing-powder is rinsed from the quilt, in order to keep the comaprtiments seperated and not 'glued' together.
De Snelwas dry-cleans or washes your quilt professionally!