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De Snelwas B.V.

1e Hugo de Grootstraat 16
1052 KP Amsterdam

Opening hours
Monday - Friday
08:30 - 18.00
10:00 - 17:00

020 - 682 03 07
020 - 685 33 56
06 - 51 59 58 73




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Snelwas Delivery

One phonecall is enough!!

Specialized in shirts service

Welkom bij De Snelwas

Welcome to "De Snelwas"

Launderette "De Snelwas" takes care of all your ironing, laundry, dry-cleaning and repair-needs. Situated in Amsterdam on an easy accessible location with parking-availibilty, we serve the entire region of Amsterdam. With modern, industrial machines, we take care of the laundry, ironing and dry-cleaning for individuals as well as businesses and companies.

Perhaps De Snelwas can be the fresh wind in your company. If you would like to know what the possibilities for companies are, please contact us. Every company has its own specific wishes and needs. We would gladly make a suitable offer.

Welkom bij De Snelwas

Always clean and well

Clean laundry goes without saying for most people. Not for De Snelwas though! For us, it's not about 'just clean', but about always good. About quality, velocity and accuracy. Souplesse and smart thinking. You don't just bring us your things, you trust us with your best clothes, the curtains you're attached to or your company's textile, which should always be representative and clean without exception. With "De Snelwas" you have found the right place. Where you can find us is explained at our contactpage.

Welkom bij De Snelwas

Velocity in textile

With the establishment in Amsterdam, De Snelwas can easily and quickly handle bigger and smaller orders. Within the region 'Great-Amsterdam' we offer the service of collecting your laundry and returning it to you clean. Easily and quickly. Clean and well.

Welkom bij De Snelwas

For companies: One less worry

If your company finds it in its interest to always have bright and fresh textile, whether for respresentation or care purposes, then you know what kind of effort it takes to realize this. That it takes time to make sure this happens. Time you could perhaps better use for other purposes. This is why you can leave the entire (logistical) process to the professionals of De Snelwas.

We take the work right out of your hands, all the worries and responsibilities that come with it. We are able to present you with a suitable solution. We are experts in laundry, dry-cleaning, ironing, collecting and returning your laundry. Professional, flexible and always good. For quickly is excellent, but your laundry needs to also be clean. Clean and well. That is De Snelwas.